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Tag: SSR Wheels

SSR Wheels Custom Color Menu

Did you know that you can order your SSR Multi piece wheels with many different color options? With so many different combinations you can truly get a bespoke  wheel setup like no other! Please check the SSR Wheels website to see the avalable options for each wheel series! Related Images:

SSR Aero Plate Options for Formula Series Wheels

Below are the three color options for the Aero Plate colors for the SSR Formula Aero Mesh & Aero Spoke Related Images:

SSR Wheels At Spocom Anaheim 2019

Related Images:

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Did you see us at Imports@UCI?

Did you find Tanabe/SSR/More-Japan at the show? If not, you missed out on some awesome of our awesome display pieces; like our display cars for instance! Our demo cars were a Liberty Walk-kitted Nissan GT-R on SSR Executor CV03 and a Scion FR-S on SSR Formula Mesh!   We also had a large selection of display wheels …

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Who wore it best?

Over the years, there have been more than a few JGTC/Super GT cars racing with SSR wheels. From 350Z to CR-Z, many cars have used them in the pursuit of speed. But who wore the wheel best? You decide. 1st up is the now discontinued SSR Type C. Seen on 3 cars in the early …

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SSR on a Japanese F3000

At More-Japan we are all about looking good while going fast, so naturally when a picture of a Formula car with SSR wheels comes up, we have to post it. This particular Formula car dates from the early 90’s Formula 3000 series. Today’s F3000 is a LOLA T90-50 raced by the Advan Neova team around …

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G-Nose S30 on SSR MK-I

A few years ago, the world was graced with this epic 240ZG with a Kenmeri Skyline tail light conversion. That’s right, you heard me, a Skyline tail light conversion. Now while this may sound like some awful 1999 tuner nonsense, I think it looks quite good. The SSR MK-I’s also compliment this car really well…A …

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SSR 3 Piece Wheel Lip Options

With the SSR 3-piece wheels, the standard finish on the outer rim is polished and clear anodized, but there are other options to choose from if you want to give your wheels a different look.. Here is a Professor Sp1 with the standard finish, Polished and Clear Anodized lip. Related Images:

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SSR Wheel Spotting!

If any of you have taken the time to watch the new Initial D: Legend 1 movie, you may know what I am about to post here. For those of you who think I am speaking gibberish and are asking yourselves, “What the heck is Initial D: Legend 1?”, it’s basically an improved-animation version of the …

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Reebok’s JTCC HR31

In 1989, Masahiro Hasemi and Anders Olofsson piloted a Nissan HR31 to victory in the Japanese Touring Car Championship’s famed Group A class. It sparked the beginning of the one-make dominance era. Only the Nissan Skylines would win the Group A championship until 1994 when Group A was cut from the JTCC series. So without …

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