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Tanabe Racing Development USA Inc.

The premier exhaust, chassis, and suspension component tuner.

Tanabe Racing Development USA is a company built on over 20 years of experience building automotive parts for performance applications. We manufacture all of our products with the strictest of tolerances. Tanabe only uses the highest grade materials and manufacturing process are IS09001and JISQ9001 certified. Our products are race tested and engineered to outperform the competition. We produce aftermarket products for many types of import vehicles. Our products range from exhausts, coilover suspension, performance coil springs, and chassis reinforcement. We are constantly performing research and development on new vehicles and are always creating the best products in the aftermarket industry.

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SSR Wheels

Established in 1971, SSR had been one of the elite wheel manufactures in Japan. SSR has innovated many unique techniques in building wheels. The same process used 37 years ago are still used today and know worldwide. With great confidence in quality and technique, SSR continues to manufacture the excellent wheels that you desire.
Yao Factory

SSR 3 pc Wheel Factory Being the first to create 3 piece wheels, SSR has helped make what the automotive Yao, Japan industry is today. By utilizing high quality materials and precise techniques, SSR manufactures quality wheels like none other leaving no room for compromise.

Nara Factory

In 1991, SSR learned of a advance technology know as Semi- Solid Forging (SSF). SSR is the only wheel manufacture in the world to produce SSF aluminum wheels and continues to research ways to further develop SSF, creating reliable, durable, lightweight and exquisite wheels.


More-Japan Logo

More Japan was founded in 2004 as a special service for importing rare, hard to find JDM parts from a select group of special Japanese automotive performance manufacturers. We import these parts directly from the manufacturer, and they come in all of their original packaging, straight from the manufacturer. We take care of all of the customs, duties and taxes, so you don’t have to! We are constantly adding new manufacturers, if you have a recommendation, let us know!

The performance parts we carry are for automotive use, and should be considered as Off-Road use only. These parts can be used to tune and setup the car for Drifting, Autocross, Road Racing, Wangan, Drag Racing, Gymkhana, or pure Circuit Racing! The parts we carry are the same parts found in Japan’s best Time Attack/Super Lap and Drifting cars!

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  1. jsocko says:


    Since I was in high school, I always dreamed of having a 1st gen Celica liftback with SSRs. Back then, that was a bit out of my price range, as with most kids in high school.

    As the years went on, I put away those thoughts of building that Celica, until recently. I happened to be lucky enough to have a friend that let me know that one came up for sale in the east coast that was in good condition. Well I jumped at the chance and bought it.

    I spent the better part of this year putting it together, and will continue to do so with a 18RG engine.

    I managed to find a friend that was selling his SSR Reverse Mesh. The car is looking like the car of my dreams back in high school.

    Anyway, here’s a link to my Flickr page with some pics of the car.
    I hope that you guys enjoy.


    Best, Jeff

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