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Revel Touring Sports Damper

Revel Touring Sports Damper is a suspension kit that is balanced for every day driving. 32 Way adjustable and a full case length thread body gives you the ride and height adjustability that you’re looking for in a coilover. For a list of all the applications, please check the site by clicking on the picture below. facebook_1200x628_ctr2


New! Tanabe Sustec Tower Bar Plus for GR Supra (A90)!

We are proud to announce the Tanabe Sustec Tower Bar Plus for the 2020~2021 Toyota GR Supra! This item is unique in that it is a 4 point kit that connects not just strut Towers but the radiator support as well. Hardware is supplied with this item when installing on a 2020 model since the mounting points are not pre-threaded. When installing on a 2021 model, you would utilize the existing factory hardware.

Part# TTB205F

MSRP $399TTB205F

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New! Tanabe Strut Tower Bar Plus for 2019~2021 Toyota Rav4!

Another new Tower Bar Application we have for 2021 is the Tower Bar Plus for the 2019~2021 Toyota Rav4. Increase front end stability and steering response by bolting this part to your strut towers.

Part# TTB204F

MSRP $209

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New! Tanabe Sustec Tower Bar Plus for Honda Civic Type R

We are proud to announce a new product! The Tanabe Sustec Tower Bar Plus for the Honda Civic Type R! How the Tower Bar Plus differs from the existing tower bar is that the extruded aluminum bar’s cross section has been widened by about 16%, this increasing it’s torsional rigidity by about 138%! Product Information below:

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2022 Honda Civic Unveiled

Honda has revealed the 2022 Honda Civic and it’s getting mixed reviews as all new cars do when they’re announced. 2022 Honda Civic Read the rest of this entry »


SSR Wheels Custom Color Menu

Did you know that you can order your SSR Multi piece wheels with many different color options? With so many different combinations you can truly get a bespoke  wheel setup like no other! Please check the SSR Wheels website to see the avalable options for each wheel series!

color menu


SSR Aero Plate Options for Formula Series Wheels

Below are the three color options for the Aero Plate colors for the SSR Formula Aero Mesh & Aero Spoke

Brushed Blue

Brushed Red

Brushed Black


Suspension Noise with Pillowball Style Uppermount?

Due to the design of aftermarket coilover systems like the Revel Touring Sports Damper, coilovers on vehicles with McPherson type struts will have metal pillowball bearing upper mounts and may introduce some noise during driving because there is now metal on metal contact (OEM suspensions use rubber mounts to supress these noises). However, if there are loud noises occurring (like a binding noise), double check the top lock nut and make sure that all other hardware is tightened as something may be loose. Also check that the spring preload is set correctly (we recommend preload to be set from 0mm-15mm).
Revel PillowballvsRubber Bushings


SSR Wheels Bronze Options

SSR Wheels offers many options when it comes to ordering your multi-piece wheels. We often get asked what the difference is between High Metal Bronze, Flare Bronze and Flat Flare Bronze. Below you will see a couple examples of each with different lighting to give you an idea what each bronze offering will look like  . For more information on the other color options, check the SSR FAQ sections here.


SSR High Metal Bronze_____________________________________________________________________________


SSR Flare Bronze_____________________________________________________________________________


SSR Flat Flare Bronze



Revel Touring Sports Damper for GR Supra!

http://https://www.revel-usa.com/images/1TR3CDTY006_1.jpgRevel USA is proud to announce the release of the Touring Sports Damper for the 2020 Toyota GR Supra! This kit features 32 way adjustable dampers and the front suspension includes pillowball camber plates as well as radial bearings to reduce the spring binding that is commonly associated with MacPherson systems.

Spring Rate: Front 8K, Rear 11K

MSRP $1229.00

Part# 1TR3CDTY006

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Revel Touring Sports Damper R&D: Nissan 300ZX Z32

We have recently completed R&D for the Nissan 300ZX Z32. Ride is comfortable enough for every day driving yet will give you a sporty feel that can handle tour weekend track days. Height range is very large however due to the wheel and tires on the test car, height could not be set too low for rubbing issues.

Spring Rates: F: 8K, R: 6K

IMG_2083_IMG_2194 IMG_2192 IMG_2193

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