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Migel Armas’ FRS on Formula Mesh

Here are a few shots of Migel Armas‘ FRS on Gold SSR Formula Mesh. Did you know that after his original motor went bad, we actually bought Evasive Motorsports’ backup motor for their Pike Peak Car? Not your average FRS and we’re glad he decided not to cut the car up and slap some over …

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New! HyperRev #214 for Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ

The latest Hyper Rev for the Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZhas just been published! Our First Shipment is coming in Mid February 2017 so order yours now! Don’t forget these are magazines so they are only printed for a limited time before the publisher starts working on the next one! More Japan: HyperRev #214 Toyota …

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Tanabe Sustec Underbrace for FRS/BRZ

Did you know that Tanabe offers a front underbrace for the FRS/BRZ platforms that can be installed with the factory underpanel? Many underbraces on the market require removal of that underpanel which can leaves parts of your undercarriage exposed to more dirt and debris than it originally would. This item is actually currently on the …

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Neel Racing 86

Check out the Neel Racing 86 on the Forged Monoblock SSR GT-F01 wheels! Competing in Super Taikyu in Japan, they demand a strong, lightweight wheel to handle the rigors of circuit racing! You can have this on yuour FRS/BRZ/86 as well in a a variety of sizes! For more info, check here.    


Happy 86 Day!

Since today is 8/6, just wanted to say Happy 8/6 day to all of you out there! Here are a few AE86 an a couple 86/FRS/BRZs on SSR Wheels!


Start Your 86 & BRZ Hyper Rev Collection Today!

With the ZN/ZC platforms overwhelming popularity among aftermarket manufacturers, Hyper Rev continues to publish newer volumes with the latest and most comprehensive parts catalogs available. Not only do the Hyper Rev’s feature in-depth articles on cool demo car but many volumes feature over 3000 tuning parts in detail. Start your 86 & BRZ Hyper Rev …

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Nagisa Auto Gacchiri (Fender Brace) For FRS/BRZ

Many FRS and BRZ owners out there love to take their cars tot the track. The car has a very neutral feel already but during hard cornering, there will be some chassis flex and steering feel can be improved. This brace will address chassis flex in the area forward of the car’s firewall, creating the …

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Must Be Nice….

Scion recently posted something on their blog titled “10 Scion Owners You Should Be Following on Instagram” and the first car you see would be Noel Barnum‘s Varis Widebody FRS. This car has evolved into one of the nicest FRS/BRZs out there IMHO. Originally outfitted with a Rocket Bunny overfender kit, he then decided to …

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Now Available! Hyper Rev Vol. 190 BRZ & 86 (FR-S) No. 5

The first shipment of the 5th installment of the BRZ & 86 Hyper Rev has arrived! Place your order today! Order here!: More-japan.com


New Product: Tanabe Front Over Pipe for Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ

PART #: T50166X* PRODUCT: Tanabe Overpipe* APPLICATION: 2013~14 Scion FR-S & 2013~14 Subaru BRZ MSRP: $190.00 *OFF ROAD USE ONLY (NOT TO BE USED ON PUBLIC ROADS OR HIGHWAYS) WEBSITE: www.Tanabe-USA.com  

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