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SSR Wheels on Minkara

Remember CarDomain? For those of you who are a bit on the younger side – allow me to drop a little knowledge on how the automotive enthusiast community communicated in the early 2000′s. CarDomain was a website where you could make a profile, much like Facebook or Myspace – but instead of taking “selfies” with your lips positioned uncomfortably or sharing a Beiber song with your friends, you could create pages of information about your car. Obvious things such as the year, make and model aside, you could share all kinds of information about the car, how long you have owned it, what modifications you may have done to it, power output, etc. On top of that, a blog section was also available to document the work that you put into your car as well as the leisure time you spent with it. Although CarDomain isn’t nearly as popular as it once was – it’s still around (I actually checked), but if you think this type of website might appeal to you – check out Minkara, the Japanese counterpart. Although fundamentally similar to CarDomain, Minkara just offers infinitely better content for people like us – the cars are almost exclusively Japanese, the vast majority of parts are authentic, quality pieces that are also nice to look at. I’ve gathered several photos from Minkara for your viewing pleasure – to give you an idea of what you can expect to see, with the theme being “SSR Wheels”, check it out!

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