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2022 Honda Civic Unveiled

Honda has revealed the 2022 Honda Civic and it’s getting mixed reviews as all new cars do when they’re announced. 2022 Honda CivicHonda has not released much information on the car, no powertrain or suspension information but we’re sure it’ll be powered by similar engine options as the current Honda offerings are. The car looks big, I honestly though I was looking at the Acura TLX when I first saw it.

2022 Hoda Civic2022 Honda Civic

The comments that I’ve seen out there is that it looks like an Audi, a Lexus or even a Dodge Charger. Of course there will always be styling cues that may look similar to those from other manufacturers, how many different ways can yoyu design a rear tail light? It’s bound to look like something previously used sooner or later right?

2022 Honda Civic InteriorOne things I was surprised to se is what looks to be a traditional gauge cluster. So many manufacturers are now offering a customizable digital display that I figured it would be something we’d see in most cars in the next year or two.

My initial thoughs… I like it. I’m sure it’ll look even better with a lowered ride height and a nice set of SSR Wheels on it

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