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SSR Multi-piece wheel offset chart

Have you guys had trouble understanding the offset chart for the SSR Multi-piece wheels (Professor Series)? Here’s a little explanation to clear the smoke a little.

We will use the 18″ Professor TF1 offset chart for as an example.

-The numbers in the red outlined box is the lip size. So all of the widths/offsets underneath if will have the same lip size. Check the yellow outlined box. an 18×7 +49 SL disk will have the same 42mm lip as an 18×9.5 +44 HP disk.

-The letters SL, NR, MD, HP is the disk type for the wheel. For an explanation of disk types, check here.

-All widths/offsets right above or underneath one another in the same color column will have the same exterior clearance to the fender. Check the green box, the 18×7.5 +22 MD will “stick out” the same as the 18×8.5 +35mm MD. What changes in this case is the inner rim clearance to the chock/strut. So each wheel  in the same colored column will have the same outer rim clearance as the one above and below it.

-The number on the top left (blue box) is the available bolt patterns (PCD) for this wheel. This one says “4/98~4/114.3″ meaning anything 4 lug with a lug pattern between 4×98 up to 4×114.3 can be made. And the same goes for the SP3

SSR Offset Chart 061220


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