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New Product: Tanabe Front Over Pipe for Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ


PART #: T50166X* PRODUCT: Tanabe Overpipe* APPLICATION: 2013~14 Scion FR-S & 2013~14 Subaru BRZ MSRP: $190.00 *OFF ROAD USE ONLY (NOT TO BE USED ON PUBLIC ROADS OR HIGHWAYS) WEBSITE: www.Tanabe-USA.com  


FRS on 19″ Formula Mesh


Here are some shots of my friend Migel’s FRS on 19″ SSR Formula Mesh in Gold. He’s running Todoroki +30mm Front fenders which let’s him run a much more aggressive offset than he would normally. The gold color goes great with the Whiteout color of the FRS! Pictures by AJ Van de Water.


JUN Light Weight Flywheel for Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ


Newest JUN Machine Shop Product Release; JUN Light Weight Flywheel for Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ     LIGHT WEIGHT FLYWHEEL JUN could achieve manufacturing its original flywheels about 200% more strength compared with normal flywheels. It was forged using Chrome-molybdenum steel. The power of inertia rotation can be decreased by reducing the excess weight, …

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SSR Professor SP1 on Subaru BRZ


Our latest feature has been posted onto our SSR Wheels Gallery! Be sure to check it out! This week we feature Greg Lily’s Subaru BRZ from Underground Graphics. One glance at this build and you’ll see why it is the epitome of a “HRDPRKR” and the name that it bares. For more click the links below! Thanks …

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Just released Hyper Rev 86 & BRZ Vol. #178 Book#3 (#XHR0178)


Get the latest Hyper Rev Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ Volume #178 just published, it is coming to the USA soon,  add this Volume to your collection. If you did not know the previous books have sold out before they arrived from Japan. Again this is VOL#178 Book#3 of the 86 & BRZ collection, VOL# 169 Book#1 and …

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New product Tanabe Sustec Underbrace for 2013 Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ

New product! The Tanabe Sustec Front Under Brace has been officially released for the 2013 Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ. This 4-point brace helps reduce chassis flex and increase stability. The improved design allows for even better handling and responsiveness. The stock undercarriage cover can be used to protect the underbrace from road debris. Pictured is the Tanabe …

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Underground Graphics Subaru BRZ “HRDPRKR”

Proper Garage Glilly

Our friends at Underground Graphic Subaru BRZ from Houston Texas with SSR Professor SP1 in custom finish. Photo thanks to Proper Garage For full featured article please visit Proper Garage  


Parts Availability for Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ!


Tanabe Parts Available for the Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ Application! Outfit your chassis today! Check out Tanabe-USA.com! Tanabe Sustec Pro Z40 Coilovers! Tanabe GF210 Springs! Tanabe Sustec Strut Front Tower Bar! Tanabe Sustec Strut Rear Tower Bar! Tanabe Sustec Front Stabilizer Bar! Tanabe Sustec Rear Stabilizer Bar! Tanabe Medalion Concept G Exhaust! Tanabe Medalion …

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Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ Hyper Rev Vol# 169 and #173 are back in stock


The original Book #1 (Vol#169) and Book#2 (Vol#173) Hyper Rev’s of Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ are back in stock. www.more-japan.com  


Lighter… More Power… Tanabe Medalion Concept G arrival for Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ (#T80166R)


The long awaited Tanabe Medalion Concept G for Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ single exit exhaust will be available.  First shipment will land in the USA this month. All Tanabe Exhaust Systems are made from Premium Stainless SUS304.  This single exit exhaust system was designed for power and weight reduction, the weight 45% lighter than …

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