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SSR Professor SP1 on Subaru BRZ


Our latest feature has been posted onto our SSR Wheels Gallery! Be sure to check it out! This week we feature Greg Lily’s Subaru BRZ from Underground Graphics. One glance at this build and you’ll see why it is the epitome of a “HRDPRKR” and the name that it bares. For more click the links below! Thanks …

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Featured: Migel Armas’s Scion FRS

image (2)

Today we would like to share with you a fine example of a clean and simple, yet somehow aggressive FRS. Owned by Migel Armas, who manages to juggle his daily grind as a hotel front desk manager and his full time love for cars. Migel chose to retain and accentuate the beautiful original lines of …

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SEMA spotlight: Underground Graphics Subaru BRZ


As you all know, SEMA Show took place last week in Las Vegas. Between the setup, manning the booth and tear down we had a few hours to walk the show. During that time, we tried to take in as much as possible – after all, the absolute best that the automotive industry has to …

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Feed equipped RX-7 on SSR SP1s


Today we have a couple snaps by Narita Dog Fight of Daniel Öhlund’s FD RX-7 on SSR Professor SP1s. Built with all quality parts, these wheels perfectly compliment the clean yet aggressive feel of the car.


Signal Auto G35/Skyline, Throwing Back Thursday


I suppose this could be considered a “Throw Back Thursday” style of post, an idea that this writer was not quite familiar with until a few months ago. Apparently this concept gives you a chance every Thursday to post a photo to your social media outlet of choice, a photo that is perhaps not quite …

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SSR Wheels, how much do they weigh and how do lighter wheels benefit my car?

SP1 wheel weights 17-19

The weight of a wheel is very important to the performance of your car for more reasons than you may think. Firstly the weight of the wheels on your car are considered unsprung mass, to put it simply – unsprung mass is the weight of the parts on your car that are directly connected to …

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Spotlight: Carl Zamuco’s Lexus IS250


Recently, Import Tuner Magazine featured the top 5 Toyota’s from Nisei Showoff. Considering this is event is usually heavy in late model builds, it’s good to see this car get its shine. This year Carl Zamuco’s Lexus IS250 went from clean to sexy. With the added Aimgain aero, he took the IS250′s simplistic design and …

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SSR Wheels – Customized Color Options


SSR Wheels’ Professor line can be ordered in a variety of color combinations, allowing you to choose an individual finish for the center, outer and inner pieces, as well as one of two finishes for the hardware (Chrome Pierce and Classical Pierce). Here we have an example of an 18″ Professor SP1 with the center …

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SSR Wheels on Minkara

18x8.5 +43 18x10 +49

Remember CarDomain? For those of you who are a bit on the younger side – allow me to drop a little knowledge on how the automotive enthusiast community communicated in the early 2000′s. CarDomain was a website where you could make a profile, much like Facebook or Myspace – but instead of taking “selfies” with …

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The Porsche that RWB built


A couple of years ago Speedhunters featured a unique build by a shop named, RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB). The build focused on a not-so-average Porsche Carrera, fitted with a widened GT2 Evo front bumper with overfenders on the rear and the front to match. Then, to compliment the aggressive look, a GT2 spoiler, stacked with a carbon GT …

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