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The Porsche that RWB built

A couple of years ago Speedhunters featured a unique build by a shop named, RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB). The build focused on a not-so-average Porsche Carrera, fitted with a widened GT2 Evo front bumper with overfenders on the rear and the front to match. Then, to compliment the aggressive look, a GT2 spoiler, stacked with a carbon GT wing was added. The whole look of the build was completed once a set of custom SSR Professor SP1′s was put on to match the track inspired look of the RWB built Porsche. Little did we know this was only the beginning phase of what was to come.

Below you will see a photo of the RWB Nakai-san built Porsche from before, as well as the current look. Both are amazing builds and stand in a class of their own. For more on the build, click the links below.

Both versions are on a set of SSR Professor SP1

RWB Royal Montegobay

Rauh Passion

Source: Speedhunters.com
RWB Royal Montegobay
Rauh Passion


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