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It’s spelled B-R-A-K-E-S, not B-R-E-A-K-S

Brake, Braking, Brakes

NOT Break, Breaking, Breaks



“those metal things behind my wheels that help stop the car”

“Help! did I break my brakes? I think I might have broken my brakes while braking! I heard this breaking noise while trying brake really hard.”

Since you’re reading this…. here is a quick and generalized thought process on B-R-A-K-I-N-G.
If you want to stop faster– get stickier tires.
If you want to stop a little bit faster– get better pads and stickier tires
If you want to stop multiple times during a short timeframe– buy better pads, slotted rotors, and stickier tires.
If you want to stop multiple times in a short period of time and have consistent braking distances– buy a BBK [or get brake ducting], higher temp tolerate brake fluid, good race pads, and stickier tires

Aftermarket brake pads are generally developed to help braking “feel better” and offers an increase to the heat capacity it can take. [not all pads are the same.. Some are made to dust less, some are made to stop better cold, some are made to be used for a long period of time where consistent brake force is required when they are up at operating temperatures]. Generally, pads will help reduce reaction time to initial stopping of the vehicle. Same goes with the with SS brake lines, as this will make the brake pedal firmer, less ‘squishy.’ [this reduces flex of the brake line when the brake fluid is moving inside the brake lines]. Adding the slotted rotors will give more “bite” which is the initial dip or grab feeling during stopping. Adding larger rotors gives more heat capacity to the overall system. [This will prolong the inevitable "fade" which is when you want to stop, but you can't.] Brake ducting will help direct airflow to the rotors to again, prolong the time it takes for the brake to fade. Larger calipers with multiple pistons, typically allow for more even brake pad wear and larger heat capacity. When coupled with race pads, larger rotors, brake ducting, and stickier tires, allow for the car to decelerate faster, perhaps at a much later point along the track, and allows for consistent, predictable stopping distances. For brake lines, rotors and big brake kits, how about checking out Stoptech Brakes??

And here’s a random picture of a stoptech tropky kit found on TunerMotorsport.com

Information from the President of the SBC (Salad Bar Club) Cheston C. All hail Chebosto!



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