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Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2013

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), is the second oldest motor sports race in America. This annual race consist of automobiles and motorcycles climbing to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado. There are several classes that run, which consist of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and quads. The course is 12.42 miles long, with 156 turns …

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The Robot Astronaut Named Kirobo

Japan takes things to a whole new level with, Kirobo. Designed by Dentsu with Toyota and the University of Tokyo, Japan is planning to be the first to launch a talking robot into space. Named Kirobo, which is derived from “kibo” meaning hope in Japanese and robot.  This robot uses some of the latest voice-recognition …

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Track Battle: Ford Fiesta ST vs Toyota GT86

Interesting little test between the Ford Fiesta ST and the Toyota GT86. Considering the fact that not everyone is going to take both to the track but it should show a little handling comparison between the two. Imagine the potential both could bring with some performance upgrades. via EVOTV


2013 Super GT Round 3 Malaysia

Round 3 took place this past weekend in Malaysia at the Sepang International Circuit. Super GT’s top class have produced some of the fastest GT racing cars in the world. Some of the most dominant cars come from Japan’s Big 3 automakers; Honda, Nissan, and Toyota/Lexus. It’s interesting to see at how much output these …

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Street Legal GT-R Sets New World Record

Built by the folks at Switzer Performance, this Nissan GT-R is not your average grocery getter. This one hits the ground running and takes the women and kids along for the ride. Pushing 1,300 horsepower, the new quarter mile record was set at 8.61 seconds at 170 MPH. Just when you thought GT-R’s came equipped …

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Kei Trucks Hit The Track

Found this online and figured it was worth a watch. It’s amazing what people do in their spare time, especially in kei trucks.


Top Gear’s The Stig vs Honda’s Asimo

Interesting video made by the people over at Top Gear. Here you’ll see a person with characteristics of a robot and a robot with characteristics of a human squaring off. Pretty cool concept to put them two together.


The Little Engine That Could

Remember those days when you were younger, spending hours messing around with legos trying to put something together. Well, someone by the name of Solde has taken it to a whole new level. Not only did he create a replica version of one of Toyota’s most popular engine but it actually functions. The engine which …

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Subaru’s History of Crash Testing

Interesting video done by Subaru. For some it may be painful to watch, while for others it’s a important process used to improve safety. Just take a look at how easily the cars of old held up compared to the standards of today.


86 Battle on Hot Version!

hotversion121 86 battle

Check out this 86 Battle on Hot Version  vol. 121!

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