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Category: Tech

Suspension Noise with Pillowball Style Uppermount?

Due to the design of aftermarket coilover systems like the Revel Touring Sports Damper, coilovers on vehicles with McPherson type struts will have metal pillowball bearing upper mounts and may introduce some noise during driving because there is now metal on metal contact (OEM suspensions use rubber mounts to supress these noises). However, if there …

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SARD Fuel Rail Adapters

Have the need to run a Fuel Pressure Regulator but still on the OEM fuel rail? SARD offers an easy solution for most applications with their Fuel Rail Adapters. With these, you can adapt your OEM fuel rail to work with an aftermarket Fuel Pressure Regulator. Most styles in stock here at MoreJapan! Related Images:

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READ!! Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust Systems Advantages

Before making your next exhaust system purchase makes sure to read “Tanabe Exhaust Manufacturing Process“.  Every Tanabe Exhaust or Exhaust part will under go this process, Made in Tanabe and Made in Japan. www.tanabe-usa.com         Related Images:

A Quick Tip For Tower Bars With Adjustable Preload.

When in stalling a tower bar (strut bar) that has adjustable preload, it is always recommended to raise the car when adjusting the preload so that the load of the shock upper mounts on the shock towers is relieved and balanced. When raised and the the tower bar placed on the car, the preload can …

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SSR Wheels, how much do they weigh and how do lighter wheels benefit my car?

The weight of a wheel is very important to the performance of your car for more reasons than you may think. Firstly the weight of the wheels on your car are considered unsprung mass, to put it simply – unsprung mass is the weight of the parts on your car that are directly connected to …

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How to install your Tanabe exhaust

This is a little tech guide for those who want to be 100% certain that they assembled their Tanabe exhaust system properly, although professional installation IS recommended if you are unsure! Below you will see exactly how to assemble the separate components of your exhaust system, but keep in mind the exhaust tubing itself is not …

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Fake or Real… can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference… fake or real?  Beware of counterfeit products and knock off products.  There is a lot of research and development which goes into quality performance products.  It has become difficult to tell the difference from the physical appearance. Can you tell the difference which is real  or counterfeit? Correct answer is …

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It’s spelled B-R-A-K-E-S, not B-R-E-A-K-S

Brake, Braking, Brakes NOT Break, Breaking, Breaks Semi-Acceptable: “braxorz” “those metal things behind my wheels that help stop the car” “Help! did I break my brakes? I think I might have broken my brakes while braking! I heard this breaking noise while trying brake really hard.” Since you’re reading this…. here is a quick and generalized thought process on B-R-A-K-I-N-G. …

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SSR Multi-piece wheel offset chart

Have you guys had trouble understanding the offset chart for the SSR Multi-piece wheels (Professor Series)? Here’s a little explanation to clear the smoke a little. We will use the 18″ Professor TF1 offset chart for as an example. -The numbers in the red outlined box is the lip size. So all of the widths/offsets …

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SSR Centercap installation tip

Have you had trouble installing your SSR Centercaps? Here’s a little tip that will make installing them easier. Get a small amount of dishwashing soap and spread it along the o-ring of the center cap. This will help make installing the cap easier and more importantly, allow the o-ring to seat in properly. Take a …

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