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SSR Centercap installation tip


Have you had trouble installing your SSR Centercaps? Here’s a little tip that will make installing them easier. Get a small amount of dishwashing soap and spread it along the o-ring of the center cap. This will help make installing the cap easier and more importantly, allow the o-ring to seat in properly. Take a …

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How to measure wheel width.

photo 3

What happened when you hit a pothole and damage one of your rims?  So you would need a replacement wheel.  Unfortunately, you forgot the size, width, and offset.  And you couldn’t find any stickers on the barrel or any numbers stamped in the back of the wheel that seemed to make sense.  Luckily, you can …

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How to measure wheel offset.


First you’ll have to understand what wheel offset is, Honda Tuning did a great article explaining wheel offset, please check it out here  Here’s how to find out what offset you have on your wheel. (Non mounted wheel preferred) 1.   First of all, you need few straight-edge rulers, in this case, we used 1 ft. …

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