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SSR Wheels, how much do they weigh and how do lighter wheels benefit my car?

SP1 wheel weights 17-19

The weight of a wheel is very important to the performance of your car for more reasons than you may think. Firstly the weight of the wheels on your car are considered unsprung mass, to put it simply – unsprung mass is the weight of the parts on your car that are directly connected to …

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A look back at Chris Forsberg’s 2010 Infiniti “M56″


With Formula Drift making a stop at Atlanta, Georgia this weekend, we checked in with our sponsored driver, Chris Forsberg. Posted on his Instagram, we spotted a unique build amongst a crowd of race cars. Don’t be fooled, Chris’s 2010 Infiniti M35 is not your average family sedan. The “M56″ custom badge was only fitting …

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VIP Cars- SSR Wheels Galore!


Take a look at these VIP Cars rolling on SSR Wheels! I just stumbled on these while looking at VIP cars in Japan! Most of them are cars by Blow Design, or better known as the makers of the Mode Parfume kits for VIP cars and Kei Cars. Please click on the photos themselves to …

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