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9.27.14 Cars and Coffee Coverage


Since it was a day off and I was heading to another event later in the day (JCCS), I figured I’d wake up a little earlier (4 in the morning) and make the trek out to Cars and Coffee in Irvine and get my days worth of car coverage. If you’ve never had the opportunity to stop …

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Cars and Coffee Irvine 06/07/14


I don’t get to make it out to the Cars and Coffee events very often because there’s always some car show or event going on that I was was already planning to attend. That and it’s way earlier than I’d like to wake up on a Saturday morning if I don’t have to. I was …

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VIP Cars- SSR Wheels Galore!


Take a look at these VIP Cars rolling on SSR Wheels! I just stumbled on these while looking at VIP cars in Japan! Most of them are cars by Blow Design, or better known as the makers of the Mode Parfume kits for VIP cars and Kei Cars. Please click on the photos themselves to …

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