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Cars and Coffee Irvine 06/07/14

I don’t get to make it out to the Cars and Coffee events very often because there’s always some car show or event going on that I was was already planning to attend. That and it’s way earlier than I’d like to wake up on a Saturday morning if I don’t have to. I was able to attend one from a couple weeks ago and snapped some pictures along the way. I really wish I was able to attend last weekend’s since the FT-1 was there. But here’s what sums up Cars and Coffee in a few words to me: Caterham / Stock Corvettes / Old people doing ricer launches.

DSC_0240061Of all the cars at C&C, these 4 cars were my favorite.

DSC_0209047Double your pleasure, double your fun…

DSC_0206045This thing looks like it would be a blast to drive.

DSC_0218051Look out we got a bad ass over here

DSC_0259069I grew up loving musclecars. I used to have a 70 Chevelle in red so this reminds me of that. This is a 68/69 though.

 DSC_0189036These Caterhams were everywhere. This Carbon Kevlar seat was pretty badass.

DSC_0236058Which would you choose? I’ll take the Vette.

-Danh Vo

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