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A closer look at the super concave GTV series wheels.

It is fairly common knowledge that a wider width and a lower offset will usually yield a more concave spoke structure, but to what degree? Today we will be checking out most concave of the concave GTV wheels, one from each model line.

First up is the GTV01, in the 18×10.5 +15 and +25 sizes.

T418105+1505GMB 2

T418105+1505GMB 4

T418105+1505GMB 5

The GTV02 also becomes the most concave at 18×10.5 +15 and +25

T518105+2505GMB (3)

T518105+2505GMB (4)

T518105+2505GMB (5)

Finally, the GTV03 in 19×10.5 +15 and +25 yields the most concave spoke structure of all the GTV03s.

T619105+2505GPS (2)

T619105+2505GPS (6)

T619105+2505GPS (5)

Now that you know exactly what to expect from the GTV series wheels – if you dare to go max width, check out the available sizes, bolt patterns and colors here: http://www.ssr-wheels.com/wheels/ssr.asp

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