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SSR GTV01 Flowform Wheels

SSR GTV01 on Lexus IS350 F-Sport Click here to see more pictures and view wheel specs! Special thanks to 168 Motoring  


How to mount center cap on GTV Series wheel.


Mounting the center caps correctly on your GTV series wheel is very simple. Imagining the wheel as a clock’s face, the valve hole will denote the 6:00 position of the wheel. By drawing an imaginary line from the 3:00 position to the 9:00 position you will have a reference point for the angle of the …

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(Some More) GTV Wheels In The Wild

jake92695 evoxforums

Last Thursday we posted a few photos of cars that we came across on forums equipped with SSR’s GTV series wheels, if you missed it – check it out here. We definitely enjoy showcasing cool cars on these wheels, so we have compiled a few more photos for your viewing pleasure. Here is “cloud9bill” from …

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GTV Wheels in the wild

Photo Jun 08, 6 30 07 PM

Browsing internet car forums is such a common activity nowadays that literally everybody does it, anybody from shop owners to kids who have yet to own a car looking to get their fill of downloadable photos. Today we took to the internet to share with you some of the best looking GTV wheels that we …

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A closer look at the 18×9.5 +22 GTV01


Today we will be getting very specific, and taking a look at a specific model, and size: The SSR GTV01 in 18×9.5 +22. We don’t have to tell you that this is a very popular size, an aggressive (on most cars) but very versatile fitment for many cars. This wheel, like every other GTV series …

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A closer look at the super concave GTV series wheels.

T418105+1505GMB 2

It is fairly common knowledge that a wider width and a lower offset will usually yield a more concave spoke structure, but to what degree? Today we will be checking out most concave of the concave GTV wheels, one from each model line. First up is the GTV01, in the 18×10.5 +15 and +25 sizes.


GTV Series wheels in Japan


Today we have a gallery of SSR GTV series wheels in Japan, these photos were all gathered from Minkara and the credit goes to their respective owners. Found on luxury sedans To circuit hatchbacks


SSR GTV01 on Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4

image (3)

SSR GTV01 on Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, next upgrade is Tanabe Medalion Touring Cat-Back Exhaust System More Pics on www.ssr-wheels.com/gallery/post/Mitsubishi-3000GT-on-SSR-GTV01.aspx www.ssr-wheels.com    


The many faces of GTV01

T418800+3505GMB 1

SSR Wheels’ new line of GTV one piece flow form wheels have become quite popular since their introduction into the US market at SEMA 2013. What captured our attention especially was the large range of sizing available, in such cases of one piece wheels of a certain design being offered in so many different sizes …

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SSR GTV01 on 350Z

350Z T418105+1505GMB

Here’s a look at the SSR GTV01 on a clean 350Z! This car is running 18×10.5 +15 in flat black all around and sits quite nicely! Makes me miss my 350Z, I had one in the same color Thanks to Edward C. “AdvanZ33″for the pictures!