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A closer look at SSR GTV02 18×10.5 +25 in Flat Black (#T5189105+2505GMB)

T518105+2505GMB (2)

Taking a closer look at theSSR GTV02 Wheel in Flat Black (also available in Phantom Silver). Size: 18″ Width: 10.5 Offset: +25 PCD: 5/114.3 Centerbore: 73mm Color: Flat Black Includes SSR Centercap and SSR Aluminum Valve Stem and Valve Stem Cap (not shown) www.ssr-wheels.com


A closer look at the super concave GTV series wheels.

T418105+1505GMB 2

It is fairly common knowledge that a wider width and a lower offset will usually yield a more concave spoke structure, but to what degree? Today we will be checking out most concave of the concave GTV wheels, one from each model line. First up is the GTV01, in the 18×10.5 +15 and +25 sizes.


SSR GTV01 on 350Z

350Z T418105+1505GMB

Here’s a look at the SSR GTV01 on a clean 350Z! This car is running 18×10.5 +15 in flat black all around and sits quite nicely! Makes me miss my 350Z, I had one in the same color Thanks to Edward C. “AdvanZ33″for the pictures!


NEW Executor CV03S on Lexus LS460 added to SSR Gallery


Just Added to SSR Gallery, All New Executor CV03s Wheels on New Lexus LS460 More Pics: SSR Gallery SSR Executor CV03S available in 20″ and 21″ Step Rim and  CV03 available in 19″ and 20″ Reverse Rim www.ssr-wheels.com  


G37 Coupe on SSR Executor CV01

g37 cv01 01

Check out Nathan G.’s G37 on the new SSR Executor CV01 in Flat Titan Silver. I love the way the wheels tuck inside the fender. I prefer this type of look over when the wheels stick out way past the fender.That Super Concave disk in the back looks killer also!