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Heads have been turned

This custom mini truck is sure to TURN HEADS… Mercedes badge, old-school boomerang antenna, a rear hatch spoiler mounted to the top of the front windshield, and more! It is sitting on a nice set of red SSR MK-II wheels! www.ssr-wheels.com  


Kei Car Craze


For those who have not been informed on the Japanese “K”-car scene, they are compact cars that are very affordable and very accommodating for the narrow streets of Japanese metropolitan cities. Mainly used to just move people around short distances, they have recently gained huge popularity in the aftermarket culture with custom body kits, excessive lights, and …

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VIP Cars- SSR Wheels Galore!


Take a look at these VIP Cars rolling on SSR Wheels! I just stumbled on these while looking at VIP cars in Japan! Most of them are cars by Blow Design, or better known as the makers of the Mode Parfume kits for VIP cars and Kei Cars. Please click on the photos themselves to …

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