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VIP Cars- SSR Wheels Galore!

Take a look at these VIP Cars rolling on SSR Wheels! I just stumbled on these while looking at VIP cars in Japan! Most of them are cars by Blow Design, or better known as the makers of the Mode Parfume kits for VIP cars and Kei Cars. Please click on the photos themselves to see the bigger picture! I didn’t want to lag your computers so I have made a small gallery for you to enjoy. :) I’ll upload a bit more later today, so keep checking in!!


Saturday is coming fast, and the RPM Car Show in Irvine is happening! Come out if you can! Admission is $20 per person!
Here’s the info:

Hidden Valley Event Park
8800 Irvine Center Dr., Irvine, CA 92618
Saturday August 7, 2010
Time: 10AM-6PM
Admission: $20

It should be a pretty good show, made by the creator of HIN. There’s lots of things going on in the park for families to be entertained of course, and many live performances. I’ll have lots of photo coverage, so stay tuned for the photos if you aren’t able to attend!

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