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Stick it to ‘em!


Ever receive your SSR Wheels with stickers and wonder how they go on? Well, this little blurb will help clarify that a big. One quick rule of thumb is think of the valve stem location as “6 o’clock” or the bottom of the wheel. . Here is the SSR Professor MS3. There are no stickers …

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Big brake kit clear my wheels?


Thing about doing a big brake kit? Stop and make sure the kit will clear your wheels otherwise you will not be able to put either your wheels or brake kit on. Shown SSR Type F Wheels with Stop Tech Brake Template *Always double, triple check to make sure brake template is correct size (actual …

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3-piece construction with Step Rim

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Don’t Damage Your Coilovers!

Coilover Shaft4

Here are some examples of damage that may seem small but comes with major damage. Often times, metal tools like vise grips or channel locks are used to hold the piston shaft when assembling a coilover. This can put small scratches/gashes in the shaft itself. As the damper compresses and decompresses, it’ll prematurely wear out …

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Understanding the Disk Types


Regarding SSR wheels, we always get calls from customers asking what HP, MD, NR, SL are.  Well, if you are in wheel business, you probably understand the meaning and the differences of it.  Here is what they stand for: HP = Hyper Disk or High Pad MD = Medium Disk NR = Normal Disk or …

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How to measure wheel width.

photo 3

What happened when you hit a pothole and damage one of your rims?  So you would need a replacement wheel.  Unfortunately, you forgot the size, width, and offset.  And you couldn’t find any stickers on the barrel or any numbers stamped in the back of the wheel that seemed to make sense.  Luckily, you can …

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SSR Disk Types


Know which Disk Type to pick? Just watch Mr. More Japan show you! Here’s a brief overview on the different disk types that SSR Wheels Offers.


How to measure wheel offset.


First you’ll have to understand what wheel offset is, Honda Tuning did a great article explaining wheel offset, please check it out here  Here’s how to find out what offset you have on your wheel. (Non mounted wheel preferred) 1.   First of all, you need few straight-edge rulers, in this case, we used 1 ft. …

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How to tighten a top mount on a coilover


Here’s a quick video going over the proper tightening of the top assembly of a coilover. NEVER should an impact gun and/or vise grips be used when assembling a coilover. While you would think this is common sense, this happens more often than not. What this does is any type of visegrip or channel lock …

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Old Type C, Comp-H, GT2, GT10 caps in stock


Hey guys!  Here are Center Caps for some of the discontinued SSR Models. 1.  Type C / Comp-H / GT2 / GT10 with 5×114.3 & 5/120 PCD SSR Logo - out of stock No Logo https://more-japan.com/ssr-wheels-comp-cap-large-no-logo-.html   2.  Type C / Comp-H / GT2 / GT10  with PCD of 4×100, 5×100 or smaller – out of stock …

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