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Tag: GT2

SSR Wheels 2004-2005 Collection

It’s a bit surprising for me when I stop to think and realize that 2004 was nine years ago. I’m sure many of you agree, so I thought it might be fun to share with you an SSR Wheels catalog from that year, just to see what kind of wheels were available and what kind …

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Old Type C, Comp-H, GT2, GT10 caps in stock

Hey guys!  Here are Center Caps for some of the discontinued SSR Models. 1.  Type C / Comp-H / GT2 / GT10 with 5×114.3 & 5/120 PCD SSR Logo – out of stock No Logo https://more-japan.com/ssr-wheels-comp-cap-large-no-logo-.html   2.  Type C / Comp-H / GT2 / GT10  with PCD of 4×100, 5×100 or smaller – out of stock …

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