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Who wore it best?

Over the years, there have been more than a few JGTC/Super GT cars racing with SSR wheels. From 350Z to CR-Z, many cars have used them in the pursuit of speed. But who wore the wheel best? You decide. 1st up is the now discontinued SSR Type C. Seen on 3 cars in the early …

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Nagisa Auto’s Nissan R34

If you are a big fan of the Nissan Skylines, odds are you’ve probably seen or heard of this car. It is a 750hp beast of a car that was putting down 56-second laps around Tsukuba’s TC2000 Circuit in 2008. Now while that may sound slow to some of you Gran Turismo players, keep in mind …

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SSR Wheels 2004-2005 Collection

It’s a bit surprising for me when I stop to think and realize that 2004 was nine years ago. I’m sure many of you agree, so I thought it might be fun to share with you an SSR Wheels catalog from that year, just to see what kind of wheels were available and what kind …

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Honda Fit on Tanabe Sustec S-0C Coilovers

Check out this Honda Fit from AZ. It is lowered on the Tanabe Sustec S-0C coilover and sitting on SSR Type C wheels. Looks great with all the JDM goodies as well! Thanks to Vivid Racing for the pictures!


FR-S and Some Audis Getting New Shoes!

Here are some snaps sent to us from our Japan office! Looks like they’ve got some FRS and Audi projects coming up! Some of the items you see here are the new Sustec Pro Z-40 Coilovers, Sustec Tower Bar, SSR Type C and the SSR Professor MS3


Super Gran Turismo!

Flashback, California Motor Speedway 2004. JGTC (All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship) currently known as Super GT held it’s first inaugural race in the United States reaching a domestic audience of about 60,000 spectators. From Dec. 18th-19th the race was held as an exhibition All-Star Race set aside from the actual series schedule and championship. The G’Zox SSR Hasemi Fairlady …

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Get your SSR Wheels for ONLY 200 coins a set…

SSR Wheels can be purchased on Car Town, check us out: Facebook/Car Town Come join us on Facebook, if you not already of FAN of SSR Wheels “like” us: http://www.facebook.com/ssrwheels


Old Type C, Comp-H, GT2, GT10 caps in stock

Hey guys!  we just received a shipment of Center Caps for some of the discontinued SSR Models. 1.  Type C / Comp-H / GT2 / GT10 with 5×114.3 & 5/120 PCD NO LONGER AVAILABLE No Logo http://www.more-japan.com/SSR-Old-Comp-Type-C-Cap-No-Logo-Large.html   2.  Type C / Comp-H / GT2 / GT10  with PCD of 4×100, 5×100 or smaller NO LONGER …

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Honda CR-Z with SSR Type C

Found this CR-Z on Minkara.   SSR Type C 17 inch fits nicely, but should look nice with 18 or 19 as well.


Start-up Mola Z33 Victory

A recent victory for the Start-up Mola Super GT team using SSR Type-C

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