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Bride’s Trueno


Today we take a closer look at a timeless build; Kuniaki Konishi’s Bride Trueno. Full article & photos: Speedhunters.com SSR Wheels: SSR-Wheels.com BrideJapan: More-Japan.com


Make your AE86 Stiff!


Nagisa Auto offers some pretty cool chassis parts for the AE86. Two of which are the Shakitto PLate (Shock Tower Brace) and their 3-point tower bar. Both can be used together to really reduce the flex in one of the weakpoints in the Chassis. Check out some of the pictures below. For more Nagisa Auto …

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Initial D Manga Ends


After 18 years, the Initial D manga has ended. The final chapter was recently released in Japan which closes out a strong run (no pun intended), for one of the most iconic cars in the import industry. Takumi Fujiwara, driver of the tofu delivery AE86 and his story will live on but the manga itself will …

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The Little Engine That Could

Remember those days when you were younger, spending hours messing around with legos trying to put something together. Well, someone by the name of Solde has taken it to a whole new level. Not only did he create a replica version of one of Toyota’s most popular engine but it actually functions. The engine which …

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IMPULSE Body Panels for AE86


For those who own Toyota Corolla AE86, Sprinter, Trueno, or Levin, this new products will be available to purchase soon via More-Japan.com. Body panel replacement was re-engineered, re-constructed using the newest technologies. IMPULSE  measured AE86 from scratch using CAD program and Reverse engineering techniques by laser scanning, since there were no CAD data available before. So you can be …

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