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SSR Wheels on Minkara

18x8.5 +43 18x10 +49

Remember CarDomain? For those of you who are a bit on the younger side – allow me to drop a little knowledge on how the automotive enthusiast community communicated in the early 2000′s. CarDomain was a website where you could make a profile, much like Facebook or Myspace – but instead of taking “selfies” with …

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Sustec Pro Z40 / New Kid on the Block


The Sustec Pro Z40 has already been released for few months now in Japan.  We are testing many applications for US model vehicles right now.  Here is a teaser picture of a 98-05 Lexus GS kit (JZS160) For more information, please visit Tanabe Japan website here. Or call us at (310) 783-0200