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Spotlight: Carl Zamuco’s Lexus IS250

Recently, Import Tuner Magazine featured the top 5 Toyota’s from Nisei Showoff. Considering this is event is usually heavy in late model builds, it’s good to see this car get its shine. This year Carl Zamuco’s Lexus IS250 went from clean to sexy. With the added Aimgain aero, he took the IS250′s simplistic design and gave it an aggressive new look. In order to complete the overhaul, Carl also got his SSR Professors SP1′s redone. Overall, his new look has people talking and it must be good as Carl Zamuco and his IS250 recently won best a show a couple of weekends ago at Nisei Showoff.  We would like to congratulate Carl Zamuco on claiming yet another prize.

Carl is running SSR Professor SP1′s  Front: 19×10 and Rear: 19×11

Featured Article & Photo Credit: ImportTuner.com
SSR Professor SP1: SSR-Wheels.com

Photo Credit: ImportTuner.com
Wheels: SSR-Wheels.com

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