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SSR Wheels FREE iPhone App!

Available for iPhone devices is the FREE SSR Wheels App!

With this app you can preview the current line up of SSR wheels and even place them on a picture of your car to see how good they look! Now instead of imagining the wheels on your car now you can see it with your own eyes.

The main menu displays all of the currently available wheels offered by SSR. From here you can select which wheel you would like to get more information about, read up on the technology used by SSR Wheels, and view the contact details. In the latest update (1.0.7) a Tutorial menu was added to guide new users in using the app.

When a wheel is selected you can view more information such as the available sizes and colors and manufacturing processes. Here you can select one of the available colors to try on your car!

The next screen allows you to import an exsisting picture of your vehicle or simply take a new picture. Then you can match the SSR wheels on to your vehicles wheels to see how they will look on your car. After this you can save the finished product to your phone and later share it onto Facebook, Twitter, etc!

Get it now for FREE on the iPhone App Store!

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