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Who wore it best?

Over the years, there have been more than a few JGTC/Super GT cars racing with SSR wheels. From 350Z to CR-Z, many cars have used them in the pursuit of speed. But who wore the wheel best? You decide.

1st up is the now discontinued SSR Type C.

Seen on 3 cars in the early 2000′s. The S Road 350Z, Hasemi Sport/Endless 350Z, and the G’ZOX 350Z.350Zs Type-C

Now SSR has a new wheel stepping in… The GTF01. Seen on the Super GT CR-Z cars. So who wore it better?

It’s Mugen vs. ARTA.CR-Zs GTF01

I can’t decide, so you tell me. Who wore it best? They are all equally incredible in my mind and I wish one of them was parked in my garage for Sunday morning drives.. Dream on eh?

Anyhow, see you tomorrow!



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