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Reebok’s JTCC HR31

In 1989, Masahiro Hasemi and Anders Olofsson piloted a Nissan HR31 to victory in the Japanese Touring Car Championship’s famed Group A class. It sparked the beginning of the one-make dominance era. Only the Nissan Skylines would win the Group A championship until 1994 when Group A was cut from the JTCC series.

So without further ado, here’s to the car that started it all.. The Reebok Skyline.

Reebok R31 Model

For those of you that don’t know the style of the JTCC/BTCC series, cars usually maintained the original exterior and only had a few minor add-ons like a front lip and in this case some air scoops on the windows. But don’t let the simple exterior fool you, these cars had the interior removed with the exception of an instrument panel, door panels, and the driver’s seat.Reebok TopNow Nissan didn’t just hollow out the R31 and throw it on the track, this car came equipped with best engine they could give it (given the restrictions). The precursor to the RB26DETT engine, the RB20DET-R. Only manufactured for a limited run of 800 2000GTS-R Skylines, the Group A engine was fitted with a larger¬†Garrett T048 turbo and a better intercooler allowing for a roaring 430hp at 7200rpm.ReebokGTSRThe car was also fitted with some lighter racing wheels made by SSR. Though these were only made for this car (centerlock and most likely magnesium faced), they closely resemble the SSR Hasemi Prot-S. Also note the dual tip side exit exhaust.. boy am I a sucker for those.Reebok R31 sideThe rear of the car remained relatively simple, keeping the stock trunk spoiler and body lines. There’s no crazy aerodynamic aid like you would see on today’s race cars. No huge GT wing, no diffuser, and no canards, just a simple R31. And you know what? It looks great! Also, if you look closely at the bottom of the rear bumper, you can see the fuel cell peeking out. Definitely not something you’d want to drive on California streets.. unless you don’t mind grinding your gas tank on the ground after every unavoidable pothole.Reebok R31 rearAnd so today’s Throwback Thursday comes to a close, but before I forget… racing picture!Reebok01Anyway, see you all next Thursday for another historic car feature!

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