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G-Nose S30 on SSR MK-I

A few years ago, the world was graced with this epic 240ZG with a Kenmeri Skyline tail light conversion. That’s right, you heard me, a Skyline tail light conversion. Now while this may sound like some awful 1999 tuner nonsense, I think it looks quite good. The SSR MK-I’s also compliment this car really well…ZGKenmeri FrontA nice classic styling; Works flares and lip, SSR MK wheels, and a duck tail spoiler. Personally I also think that the G-nose looks more aggressive and sophisticated than the classic 240Z front that just cuts off.S30Kenmeri Next To HakosukaThe above angle really gives you a grasp of how deep those MK-I are. With these flares, you are very well in the 15×12 – 50 area.. That’s a big wheel. But front end pictures aren’t what lured you here! You want to see what the deal is in the tail light area… Well wait no more. ZGKenmeri RearIncredible isn’t it? It looks great. It’s not over the top like a CRX with G35 tail lights or GS300 tail lights on an Accord. It looks just right… It’s very smooth and compliments the rounded body lines of the Z.

So this is where I end my post today, see you all next Monday!

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