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G-Nose S30 on SSR MK-I

ZGKenmeri Front

A few years ago, the world was graced with this epic 240ZG with a Kenmeri Skyline tail light conversion. That’s right, you heard me, a Skyline tail light conversion. Now while this may sound like some awful 1999 tuner nonsense, I think it looks quite good. The SSR MK-I’s also compliment this car really well…A …

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Nakano-san’s A-Bo-Moon R32

A-BO-MOON R32 Rear

Thursday is here and I have yet another Nissan Skyline R32 for you. This time I bring you Fumiharu Nakano’s 4-door drift sedan. Some of you may recognize this car from various articles and/or videos on the internet, but for those of you who don’t, this car belongs to the infamous A-Bo-Moon drift team from …

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Nagisa Auto’s Nissan R34


If you are a big fan of the Nissan Skylines, odds are you’ve probably seen or heard of this car. It is a 750hp beast of a car that was putting down 56-second laps around Tsukuba’s TC2000 Circuit in 2008. Now while that may sound slow to some of you Gran Turismo players, keep in mind …

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Throwback Thursday!


For this week’s Throwback Thursday I bring you an awesome car from the past, but yet from the present. It is a 1989 Nissan Skyline GTS-T 4-door. This car was liveried to match its period correct 2-door racing counterpart from the 90s and moves around with 15×8.5/15×7.5 SSR MK-I Believe it or not, this build …

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Nagisa Hi-Res Wallpapers

FREE Nagisa and SSR Wheels downloadable High-Res wallpapers for your desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Click the link below to collect them all. http://www.nagisa-auto.com/download/index.html


New Nissan R32 Skyline GTR Hyper Rev Magazine Vol#155

Hyper Rev Vol#155

Just release in Japan the lastest Hyper Rev Magazine, Nissan R32 Skyline GTR. Soon be available at More Japan. http://www.more-japan.com