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SSR 3 Piece Wheel Lip Options

With the SSR 3-piece wheels, the standard finish on the outer rim is polished and clear anodized, but there are other options to choose from if you want to give your wheels a different look..

marcus-sp1_01Here is a Professor Sp1 with the standard finish, Polished and Clear Anodized lip.

Ryan wheelHere we’ve got a Professor MS1 with a Black Anodized lip. This finish is actually transparent so you can see the polished lip through it. This gives it a nice shiny reflection. Also shown is the Classical Pierce Bolt (Black Chrome) option. The anodized lip is an additional $75 per lip and the Classical Pierce Bolts are an additional $40 per wheel.

_DSC9736008Here we’ve got a Professor SP3 with a Bronze Clear lip. This is a Bronze and Clear coat mixture. This finish, like the Black Anodized is also transparent so you can see the polished rim through the Bronze color. The Bronze Clear finish is an additional $130 per lip.

10590542_10152641144954439_5460796273927083438_nHere we’ve got a Professor SP1 with a Flat Flare Bronze face and a Bronze (gloss) lip. This is a painted surface just like the face of the wheel, not a transparent finish, and give the wheel a unique look. The painted lips are an additional $55 per lip.

slammed-toyota-aristo-japan-vip-12-1And finally we have a Professor MS3 with a Titan Silver face and Black (gloss) painted lip. You can really see the difference between the Black Anodized and Black painted lip. This is not transparent and does not have the reflection of the Black Anodized finish, but it gives the wheel a nice aggressive look. This finish is also an additional $55 per lip.

There are many other colors to choose from when ordering your 3 piece SSR wheels. Here is a quick rundown of them.

Face: White, Silver, Titan Silver, Flat Titan Silver, Gunmetallic, Flat Gunmetallic, Black, Flat Black, Flare Bronze, Flat Flare Bronze, Touring Gold

Outer Rim:  Silver, Gunmetal, Gold, Bronze, Black, Flat Black paint ($55), Bronze clear ($310), Black anodized ($75)

Inner Rim: Bronze, Gunmetal paint ($55), Black Anodized ($75)

Bolts: Chrome*, Classical Pierce ($40) (optional bolts not available on 15″ and 16″ Professor wheels)

*Formula Series wheels come standard with Classical Pierce bolts, if Chrome is an additonall $40 for Formula Mesh and MKIII Neo*

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