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SSR on a Japanese F3000

At More-Japan we are all about looking good while going fast, so naturally when a picture of a Formula car with SSR wheels comes up, we have to post it. This particular Formula car dates from the early 90′s Formula 3000 series. Today’s F3000 is a LOLA T90-50 raced by the Advan Neova team around 1993-1994.Advan SSR LOLAPhoto Credit: 昨日の記憶http://ameblo.jp/hokkokuamaebi/entry-11386002216.html

I have always enjoyed 90s formula-car aerodynamic styling. From the big cooling ducts down to the minor shaping lines, everything serves an important purpose. After all, these cars do produce so much downforce that they can drive upside down.Advan SSR LOLA stickersPhoto Credit: ♪ ☆ withdrawal @ Moco Mocohttp://minkara.carview.co.jp/en/userid/1015107/car/801992/3330912/photo.aspx

The list of big tuner names on this car is incredible. The engine for the car was built and tuned by Tomei, whilst Endless provided the braking power. The wheels were supplied by SSR and gripped the asphalt via the wide Advan racing slicks. And the car handled those large racing slicks with early HKS suspension. Kind of a large name drop wouldn’t you say?Advan SSR LOLA SidePhoto Credit: K’s Photo Clubhttp://ksphotoclub.blog130.fc2.com/blog-entry-138.html

I wish I could give the genius behind that iconic livery a very large high-five. It’s one of my personal favorites. Also those rear SSR wheels are ridiculously deep. It’s probably a 13″ wide wheel in the -30 offset range. That’s 200mm of exposed outer barrel!

Anywho, I hope you all have an awesome Thursday! See you next week!


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