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2015 SEMA – SSR Wheels Spotting

If you were able to attend this year’s SEMA event in Las Vegas, Nevada how many cars did you spot on SSR Wheels? Check out some of the cars below! Toyota Prius on Formula MK-III Neo Nissan 240SX on Professor TF1 Nissan GT-R on Professor SP4 Hyundai Veloster on Professor TF1 Acura NSX on Executor …

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SSR Wheel Spotting!

If any of you have taken the time to watch the new Initial D: Legend 1 movie, you may know what I am about to post here. For those of you who think I am speaking gibberish and are asking yourselves, “What the heck is Initial D: Legend 1?”, it’s basically an improved-animation version of the …

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New Nissan S chassis?

Could this be the new Nissan S chassis? The next generation of the Silvia? Rumor has it that Nissan will unveil a new performance concept car at the Tokyo Auto Salon next year! Can’t wait to see more details on it!


Featured: Richard Rubio’s Nissan 240SX

Richard Rubio is what you could call a dyed in the wool Nissan fanatic, between him and his brother they have owned four S-chassis cars. That may not sound like an especially large amount of cars when considering that S13s have become practically disposable in recent years, but that is exactly what sets the Rubio …

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Tanabe Tuesday: Kazama Auto’s 1991 Nissan 240SX

This Tuesday we are taking it back with the stylings of this Nissan 240SX. Just a glance at this s-chassis and you’ll be taken back into time when car modifications were a bit different. From the color-matched wheels, to the fitment/stance, to the meaty tires, to the wild front bumper/body kit, built motor, gutted interior, …

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Tyler’s S14

Here is one tasteful and well put together car. I’ve always like the look of the Kouki S14s chassis and this one is a nice example of a simple kit. the pain, and aero kit is clean and doesn’t take away from the car too much. But the SSR Professor MS1s in gold really stand …

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Hyper Rev #150; Nissan Silvia, 180sx. Get your copy before they are gone.

Sanei-Shobo, publisher of Hyper Rev magazine, recently discontinued Hyper Rev Vol. 150 Nissan Silvia 180SX.  Fortunately, More-Japan.com still have few copies left.  So get your now, before they’re all gone.  Click here to purchase.


Old Skool to the Max

So, I decided to take my old Tanabe S-S Coilovers out from hiding. Super old but not blown; not bad for a 5+ year-old coilover. 😉 -M.


Monster Integra & A Meeting With the Coppers!

I went to San Gabriel to a friends house to get some work done on my FC and look what I found! A hybrid baby from an Integra and 300zx, so grotesque! More pictures of this beast… look at the sad look on it’s face. Crying out to be saved, the things we do to …

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New SSR Site Photos

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