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Over the Weekend!

In this issue of Over the Weekend!, I take you to the glorious Mount Wilson!

^ This time, I decided to drive the FC of Destruction. I took along one of my friends who recently picked up this clean S13. This shot was taken from the loop around the radio station towers. Normally, there would be a really cool view over the side of the mountain, but for some reason, it was suuuuper foggy this time.

^ EVIDENCE! Look’s like there be some mountain lovin’ going on. I make love in the mountain too, with the guard rails. XD

^ For some reason, it was mighty foggy on this side of the mountain. (On the other side, it was nice and sunny. -_-”‘ )

^Back at the parking lot. Notice my friend’s FC as well as my cousin’s Hachi-Rolla aka bodyroll king.

^ By the way, this skidmarks — I did NOT make… I swear! Doing donuts in a parking lot is so… 1999.

^ On the way down, my friends aka the police stopped me and my friends to compliment us on our fine automobiles. They said that some of our fans had alerted them of our special appearance, and so they wanted to ask us all out on dates before we were gone. Anyways, for some reason, they gave me an expired registration ticket… even though I had valid registration on hand. Go figure. Looks like I’ll be making a donation to some courthouse in the near future. Whatever. It was worth it! -=^_^=-

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