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Nagoya Auto Trend


Here are a few pictures from the Nagoya Auto Trend Show 2015 sent to us by one of the Tanabe employees from Japan. The RX7 is rocking Professor SP4s in Titan Silver, the S15 is running GTV02 in Phantom Silver and the S13 is running the GTV02 in Phantom Silver as well. Thanks for the …

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SSR Wheel Spotting!


If any of you have taken the time to watch the new Initial D: Legend 1 movie, you may know what I am about to post here. For those of you who think I am speaking gibberish and are asking yourselves, “What the heck is Initial D: Legend 1?”, it’s basically an improved-animation version of the …

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Satou Motors 180SX


It’s not every day that you see a 180sx with a Uras Type S body kit, so let’s start off this week a little differently. You can thank the Narita Dogfight blog for these awesome pictures! This super late-90′s/early-2000′s style S13 is doing it pretty right, sitting on SSR SP1 in SBC (Super Black Coat) in …

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Nice Front End!


Just got this magazine in on our last container and cover really grabbed my attention! I’ve always loved the Silvia front end of the S13 and even better, it had a nice set of SSR Professor SP3s on it! Another thing I noticed was that it had the rare (discontinued) Carbon SSR Centercaps on as …

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New Nissan S chassis?


Could this be the new Nissan S chassis? The next generation of the Silvia? Rumor has it that Nissan will unveil a new performance concept car at the Tokyo Auto Salon next year! Can’t wait to see more details on it!


Featured: Richard Rubio’s Nissan 240SX


Richard Rubio is what you could call a dyed in the wool Nissan fanatic, between him and his brother they have owned four S-chassis cars. That may not sound like an especially large amount of cars when considering that S13s have become practically disposable in recent years, but that is exactly what sets the Rubio …

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“Throw Back Thursday”


I’d like to share with you a couple photos that have been floating around the internet lately. I can’t help but to be amazed at how visually relevant this S13 Silvia still is, especially considering that these photos look to be around a decade old. Equipped with a set of 15″ SSR MKIIIs, this timeless …

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Get mounted!

kazama S chassis engine mount

Are your engine mounts wearing out or broken? When factory engine mounts wear out, or on higher horsepower vehicles, engine torque causes the engine to move excessively, and place extra load on the exhaust system, hangars, transmission and transmission mounts. This can cause unnecessary vibrations, and can agitate welds to break.Reinforcing the engine mounts can improve …

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RB Swapped S13 Coupe on SSR SP1


Check out this super clean Nissan S13 coupe on SSR SP1s. This car has an RB motor swap and as low as they get…. this car is static, not bags here! Check out the full story on Stance Nation


A Clean Silvia on SSR SP1

SP1 S13-1

Thanks to Artie B. for sending these pictures of his Silvia, featuring SP1 17×9.0 Flat Black all around.

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