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Nagoya Auto Trend


Here are a few pictures from the Nagoya Auto Trend Show 2015 sent to us by one of the Tanabe employees from Japan. The RX7 is rocking Professor SP4s in Titan Silver, the S15 is running GTV02 in Phantom Silver and the S13 is running the GTV02 in Phantom Silver as well. Thanks for the …

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Gone Car…


Man… I gotta get this damn LS swap finished. Should’ve just left the car alone, the rotary setup ran great, no issues. Been over 3 years since I drove it lol. People have told me it’s like a phantom car because they’ve heard about it, seen pictures but have never seen it in person. It’s …

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Ehhhh Dee….

Love the way the duckbill wing looked on the car.

So in February of 2012, I pulled the motor out of my FD RX7. The car ran great, but I wanted torque! You can see some pics from that night here. I planned to be done by that summer and here we are… 2 and a half years later. Drivetrain is in, just gotta go …

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New Hyper Rev Issue Vol 180. Mazda RX-7 FD3S (XHR0180)


Hyper Rev has published the long awaited eighth installment of the RX-7 issue. This issue is not only model specific, but also chassis specific to the FD3S, showcasing over fourteen hundred performance and dress-up parts. This issue is the most comprehensive and up to date collection of information on the FD3S platform available. Containing tuning …

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Hyper Rev Volume #180 Release for Mazda FD3S

cover (2)

The latest Hyper Rev Magazine just released for Mazda FD3S, this is a long awaited volume for all rotary lovers.  A dedicated Hyper Rev Volume for FD3S chassis. Pre-Order: www.more-japan.com


CST Coilovers on FRS and FD3s


Check out these pictures of CST Circuit Spec Tune Coilovers installed on an FRS and an FD RX7. Full case length threaded and 15 way adjustable dampening brings you a great adjustable coilover thatwill perform as good as it’ll make your car look on a lowered stance. For more information, check here


CST Coilovers for FD3S


Check out these pictures of the CST coilovers for Mazda RX-7 FD3S. CST coilovers (or Circuit Spec Tune)  are distributed by Tanabe and are available in many applications. CST offers 15-way adjustable dampening, height adjustability, full threaded single damper (monotube), pillow ball mount, and wide range of spring rates. For application list click here: http://more-japan.com/cst-suspension/


Functional Flush…. sort of correct fitment?

FD Rx7 with SSR SP3 with Functional Flush fitment!

“Don’t call it a comeback! I been here for years!” Famouns words from a famous song…Do you remember when Functional Flush actually meant that a wheel was flush with the fender? Check these pictures out… Meaty, squared fitment with tires that fit the rim! Sporty yet still looks great! -D.


Hey…. your car is smoking…

you can see the failed line and lots of other fail in the picture

So Monday morning I’m rushing to get to work as I was running late. After I get to work, I park the car and everything seemed normal. About 15 minutes later my boss says to me: “Hey, your car is smoking.” I stop what I’m doing, look out the window and had the typical “WTF” …

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Friends… how many of us have them?

fc motor2

A few days ago some friends helped another friend of ours drop a motor into his FC Rx7. The owner of the car also owns an trophy winning FD that sits on SSR Wheels . The FC will be his daily driver but the quality of the build is top notch! here are some teaser …

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