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Holiday treats!


With the holiday season upon us, we keep getting delicious goodies packed full of love and warm wishes… as well as calories and lots of sugar! They’re so bad for you yet so good! Check out this Razo Shift knob (part no. RA66A). It’s Dark chrome and has a carbon fiber center. This is a …

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When it rains it pours

After last week’s FD post about the crossover pipe cracking, the clutch on my daily driver is worn out. After some searching around, I found a Stage 2 clutch for it. Champagne taste on a beer budget right?

Still searching for a few items for the FD though. Still haven’t foudn a decently priced crossover pipe nor the shocks/struts that I need to install my Tanabe GF210 that I have sitting in a box at Elite Auto Performance. Looking for Koni Sports(yellow) but nobody seeems to have a full set in stock. I would also like to get some Sway Bars and Razo shift knob for it in the near future too. What do you guys think?


The FD leaks..

Found out I have a crack in my Crossover Pipe on my Rx7. I have a crack in it and it needs to be replaced ASAP because it’s feels so sluggish now when I step on it. Why they would make a pipe that takes hot turine air to the intercooler in plastic is beyond me. Combine that with a 16 year old car and you have yourself a mighty fine boost leak. Might as well get the JDM Efini one (metal) but it’s $250… what am I to do?

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