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Sevenstock 14 Coverage


This past Saturday was Sevenstock 14: Love Live the Rotary! It was my first Sevenstock that I’v e attended after owning my FD for almost 3 years now. I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew that it would be a good time. The location moved from Mazda HQ to LA Fairplex at …

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The FD leaks..

Found out I have a crack in my Crossover Pipe on my Rx7. I have a crack in it and it needs to be replaced ASAP because it’s feels so sluggish now when I step on it. Why they would make a pipe that takes hot turine air to the intercooler in plastic is beyond me. Combine that with a 16 year old car and you have yourself a mighty fine boost leak. Might as well get the JDM Efini one (metal) but it’s $250… what am I to do?


Over the Weekend


Saturday was a pretty fun day. I went to Glendora Mountain Road with a few of my friends to check out the scenery. In the afternoon, this place is just beautiful. I’m glad my camera phone was able to capture some of its greatness.