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Over the Weekend

Saturday was a pretty fun day. I went to Glendora Mountain Road with a few of my friends to check out the scenery. In the afternoon, this place is just beautiful. I’m glad my camera phone was able to capture some of its greatness. Since it’s Spring, the mountains are starting to get really green. And there’s no better feeling than being surrounded by your favorite color :D But seriously, when you’re in the city all day Monday to Friday, there’s nothing like being up in the mountains with the summer shine and the lush grassy background. Anyways, here’s a few pictures for you to enjoy. I would have taken more, but I’ll save the extended photoshoot for next time, when my car’s actually clean! haha ;)

…And here’s the lineup. One of my friends took his new Lancer Evolution X (or ten, however you want to spell it; Roman numerals or not :p ). Then there’s my friend’s FC and my cousin’s Corolla of Doom. There’s a few more cars to the right, but my camera phone couldn’t capture all of them. In order to get all the cars in the picture, I would have had to take a few more steps back… off the edge of the cliff. :p

Here’s the rest of the cars. In the front is my S14 of Doom — notice the massive bird bombing next to my side mirror LoL. Then there’s my friend’s RX-8 and my other friend’s Turbo FC. Speaking of which, turbo is for cheaters :p j/k I wish I had turbo in my S14; maybe some day, if my cars stop breaking and if I can manage to save some cashola.

And now please enjoy a closeup of the most fastest danger-mobile on the road. Just kidding… or am I? :o Hahah, the car is more-or-less stock. No… wait… it’s COMPLETELY stock! What’s cool about this car is the amount of roll it makes through turns. That’s right; it rolls a LOT, and it’s cool! It’s almost comical, but somehow awesome at the same time. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. Maybe that’s what makes it cool. After all, you laugh when you have fun, so the car that makes you laugh the most is the funnest car, isn’t it? -=^_^=-

Here’s my friends burning up in the summer sun. I don’t care what people say, I think 80-90 degree weather is the best! :D I’m a summer person fo’ life. Also, please to be checking out the environment — real nice… real nice, right? Mountains are beautiful at night under a full moon, but they look just as good with the sun in your eyes. :p

In closing, I’d like to leave you with this unprocessed photo of the great view from the fork. Be sure to say hello to mother nature while it’s still sunny out because before you know it, it’ll be cold again.

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