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Hey…. your car is smoking…

So Monday morning I’m rushing to get to work as I was running late. After I get to work, I park the car and everything seemed normal. About 15 minutes later my boss says to me:

“Hey, your car is smoking.”

I stop what I’m doing, look out the window and had the typical “WTF” look on my face. I got out and see that I’ve got coolant all over the place and under the car. After further inspection I saw found that my coolant line that goes from the turbos to water pump decided to take a dump and diarrhea’d all over my engine bay. I had to get it towed to my friend’s shop Elite Auto Performance where I could work on it some more. Gave Ash at MazdaTrix a call and they had the part I needed on the shelf so the next day I picked up the part and installed it on the car. While I was installing it, I found that lots of other lines/nipples were baked and either cracked or broken. Another thing I need to tackle with the car. Take a look at the pictures from the whole ordeal.


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