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Guess Who’s Back!?

They did it… they finally did it! Toyota has put out a press release headlined “The Legend Returns” and will unveil a concept at this year’s Geneva Auto Show on March 6th. The press release included the words “Toyota’s commitment to bring back to the market its most iconic sports car.” And boy we hope …

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New Supra Fan Renderings!

With the new Toyota Supra set to unveil in Tokyo this Octover, there’s all sorts of buzz about what will power the car and what it will look like. With spots shots of the car have been posted up by various media outlets, we’ve seen some renderings of what some interpret the car may look …

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Flashback! Final Evolution Supra!

July 16th was Spocom’s 10th anniversary show there were some cars that had not come out in some time. We were glad to thee High End Performance’s Final Evolution Supra out at this show! Picture via The Chronicles…


The Hero We Deserve

Remember last week’s post with the 997 on SP3s? Another car that we shot that day was Brendan’s Widebody Supra. We all love the MK4 Supra don’t we? Well Brendan decided to do something different. Instead of bolting on a giant turbo on the stout 2JZ, we decided to go down the road less traveled …

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SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator Adapter for Toyota Supra (JZA80 ) & Mitsubishi Evo X (CZ4A)

This fuel pressure regulator adapter is necessary for bolt on installation of the SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator. Application: Toyota Supra (JZA80) 2JZ-GTE & Mitsubishi Evo X (CZ4A) 4B11 MSRP: $53.00 PART# XA69027 Shop: More-Japan.com/SARD Some vehicles cannot bolt on the fuel pressure regulator without modification. This adapter makes installation simple and hassle-free.


Car Covers to Fit with GT Wings

Got a GT wing and need a car cover that actually fits it? Nagisa Auto offers 3 different size covers for just this! Nagisa Car Covers completely cover the GT-Wing equipped car, and protects it’s paint finish from dust, sunlight, and moisture.The Nagisa Auto Car Cover has a special design to prevent moisture from becoming …

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I can be your hero baby….

Looks like Brendan has got something new for his bowl of soup!   -Danh V.  


SSR SP3 / JZA80 Supra

Have a great and safe weekend everybody !!! SSR Professor SP3  18″ If you have any questions about SSR wheels on fitment, pricing, etc, you can visit HERE and drop us some questions.  We will try to answer every questions in a timely manner.


Get mounted!

Are your engine mounts wearing out or broken? When factory engine mounts wear out, or on higher horsepower vehicles, engine torque causes the engine to move excessively, and place extra load on the exhaust system, hangars, transmission and transmission mounts. This can cause unnecessary vibrations, and can agitate welds to break.Reinforcing the engine mounts can improve …

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MKIII Supra with SSR Professor MS1@ Hellaflush 5

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