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Revel Touring Sports Damper for GR Supra!

http://https://www.revel-usa.com/images/1TR3CDTY006_1.jpgRevel USA is proud to announce the release of the Touring Sports Damper for the 2020 Toyota GR Supra! This kit features 32 way adjustable dampers and the front suspension includes pillowball camber plates as well as radial bearings to reduce the spring binding that is commonly associated with MacPherson systems. Spring Rate: Front 8K, …

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I can be your hero baby….

Looks like Brendan has got something new for his bowl of soup!   -Danh V.   Related Images:

SSR SP3 / JZA80 Supra

Have a great and safe weekend everybody !!! SSR Professor SP3  18″ If you have any questions about SSR wheels on fitment, pricing, etc, you can visit HERE and drop us some questions.  We will try to answer every questions in a timely manner. Related Images:

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Get mounted!

Are your engine mounts wearing out or broken? When factory engine mounts wear out, or on higher horsepower vehicles, engine torque causes the engine to move excessively, and place extra load on the exhaust system, hangars, transmission and transmission mounts. This can cause unnecessary vibrations, and can agitate welds to break.Reinforcing the engine mounts can improve …

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MKIII Supra with SSR Professor MS1@ Hellaflush 5

Related Images:

Mark III SUPRA with 17″ SP1

Pictures provided by Rudy @ Manic Tech Racing Wheels:  SSR Professor SP1 17×8.5 front, 17×9.5 rear Related Images:

Hung’s Supra with SSR SP1

Picture provided by Hung Nguyen Wheel:  SSR SP1 Size:  19×9.5 front, 19×11.5 rear Related Images: