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2018 Super GT Honda Teams!

This past weekend Honda had announced their Super GT teams for the 2018 season! #16 will be the Mugen NSX and #17 will be the Keihin Real Racing NSX both of which will be supported by SSR Wheels!  


Inspiration for the GTX01

We’re all excited about the release of the new SSR GTX01 wheel. Did you know that there are two Japanese Super GT cars that have been utilizing a race model of the wheel in for some time now? The Raybrig NSX and Keihin NSX have been successfully running on SSR wheels in the GT500 class …

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SSR in Super GT

Since it’s a holiday weekend, how about some pictures of some Super GT Cars on SSR Wheels to lead us into Labor day?


Keihin NSX GT Car!

The New NSX has tons of buzz around it and there are a few of them running in the GT300/500 circuit now. One of them being the Keihin #17 car. This thing looks so mean with its aggressive aero and swan neck wing! Do you plan on getting one?


Tanabe in Motorsports

Tanabe is involved in a wide variety of motorsports as part of their endless pursuit of engineering superiority. With a 20 year racing heritage, they have had involvement in a variety of motorsports, including Formula N1, JGTC, Super GT, Drag Racing and Drifting. Tanabe also fully supports motorsports at the grassroots level, which includes autocross …

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Tanabe springs in Super GT

Tanabe springs have been used world wide on everything from minivans to full fledged race cars, today we would like to show you the springs that Tanabe manufactures for the Keihin Real Racing HSV that is campaigned in Super GT.


KEIHIN Real Racing New NSX

We’re liking the new KEIHIN Real Racing team on the new NSX concept car for the 2014 season Super GT! Super GT www.ssr-wheels.com  


Tanabe logo spotted in GT6?

Spotted in GT6, the latest iteration of the Gran Turismo driving simulation games is this Tanabe¬†sticker, but what is it on? It’s the KEIHIN HSV-010 from Super GT500 series! This race modified Honda HSV-010 GT features a specially manufactured Tanabe PRO210 springs to withstand the very harsh conditions of circuit racing. www.tanabe-usa.com