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Tanabe in Motorsports


Tanabe is involved in a wide variety of motorsports as part of their endless pursuit of engineering superiority. With a 20 year racing heritage, they have had involvement in a variety of motorsports, including Formula N1, JGTC, Super GT, Drag Racing and Drifting. Tanabe also fully supports motorsports at the grassroots level, which includes autocross …

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Tanabe logo spotted in GT6?


Spotted in GT6, the latest iteration of the Gran Turismo driving simulation games is this Tanabe¬†sticker, but what is it on? It’s the KEIHIN HSV-010 from Super GT500 series! This race modified Honda HSV-010 GT features a specially manufactured Tanabe PRO210 springs to withstand the very harsh conditions of circuit racing. www.tanabe-usa.com