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Jun Auto GT Surge Tank for 86/FRS/BRZ

JUN Auto has released a GT Surge Tank (Intake Manifold) for the FRS/BRZ/86! Designed for maximum air flow to each cylinder to increase power and engine response. Please see the link below for more info! *Note*  – Engine tuning is required for proper installation of this product. JUN AUTO GT SURGE TANK FOR FRS/BRZ/86 on …

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Tanabe in Motorsports

Tanabe is involved in a wide variety of motorsports as part of their endless pursuit of engineering superiority. With a 20 year racing heritage, they have had involvement in a variety of motorsports, including Formula N1, JGTC, Super GT, Drag Racing and Drifting. Tanabe also fully supports motorsports at the grassroots level, which includes autocross …

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KEIHIN Real Racing New NSX

We’re liking the new KEIHIN Real Racing team on the new NSX concept car for the 2014 season Super GT! Super GT www.ssr-wheels.com  


New SSR GTV flowform wheels

Unveiled at the 2013 SEMA show are the new SSR GTV series flowform wheels! The GTV series wheels are new entry level one-piece monoblock wheels aimed at the budget enthusiast looking to get SSR quality wheels at the right price. The flow forming technology allows for a sturdy wheel using less material while retaining high …

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SSR + Mugen CR-Z GT

Check out the new Mugen CR- Super GT car! This beast is powered by a Twin Turbo 2.8L V6 Hybrid system on SSR wheels. Could this be a preview of a future SSR Wheel that will be available to the public?



Mmmm… me want….


Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Highlights

When you can’t get out on the racetrack and rip those threads, then most likely you are at home playing racing games. If you are an avid car enthusiast then you probably already own Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3 console (or at least heard of it). A year after it has been released, …

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