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Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Highlights

When you can’t get out on the racetrack and rip those threads, then most likely you are at home playing racing games. If you are an avid car enthusiast then you probably already own Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3 console (or at least heard of it). A year after it has been released, the much-awaited patch 2.0 has been made available *FREE* for all PS3 users. This large update (1.1gb) features bug fixes and many improvements that fans have been asking for, as well as new content in preparation for upcoming DLC (downloadable content).

Gran Turismo 5: The Real Driving Simulator is the latest in the series of true-to-life car simulation games, only available on PS3. With over several hundred highly detailed cars, real world racetracks, and unbridled realism, GT5 puts the gamer into the driver’s seat of the greatest cars from this era. Patch 2.0 has been released just last week and here are a few of the updates. If you haven’t already checked it out, then do sow

  • UI improvements allow you to get into the game faster
  • New NASCAR cars as well as a new race-tuned Nissan GT-R.
  • Now able to save in between those long endurance races.
  • More race customizations online and offline (weather conditions, time change, etc.)
  • New intro video! (below, action starts at 2:07)
  • and more info at http://us.gran-turismo.com/us/products/gt5/spec2/

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