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2018 Super GT Honda Teams!

This past weekend Honda had announced their Super GT teams for the 2018 season! #16 will be the Mugen NSX and #17 will be the Keihin Real Racing NSX both of which will be supported by SSR Wheels!  


Acura NSX GT3

The new Acura NSX is a very beautiful machine. And it turns out that it is also a very fast car! Take a look at this race modified NSX GT3 version looking very aggressive and mean.


Team Mugen Super GT 2017

SSR Wheels continued support Mugen/Honda Racing in Super GT for the 2017 Season! Check out the new NSX Comepetition car for next year! This car utilized a special centerlock version of the GTX01 wheel!


Acura’s All-Electric Powered NSX EV Ready for Pikes Peak Hill Climb

With Pikes Peak International Uphill Climb now underway, we’ll finally catch a glimpse of the all-electric race car Acura plans to run. The four-motor EV NSX will be piloted by Tetsuya Yamano who’s no stranger to running highly modified super-cars as his most recent success has come from the Super GT series. It’ll be interesting …

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Inspiration for the GTX01

We’re all excited about the release of the new SSR GTX01 wheel. Did you know that there are two Japanese Super GT cars that have been utilizing a race model of the wheel in for some time now? The Raybrig NSX and Keihin NSX have been successfully running on SSR wheels in the GT500 class …

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SOLD! 2017 Acura NSX #001 Sells for 1.2 Million

How much would you pay for the first production #001 Acura NSX? Being number one means something to people sometimes and how many people can say they own the 2017 Acura NSX #001? Just one and it cost a whole lot of ones…about $1.2 million to be exact. Congratulations to the new owner, Rick Hendrick. …

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2015 SEMA – SSR Wheels Spotting

If you were able to attend this year’s SEMA event in Las Vegas, Nevada how many cars did you spot on SSR Wheels? Check out some of the cars below! Toyota Prius on Formula MK-III Neo Nissan 240SX on Professor TF1 Nissan GT-R on Professor SP4 Hyundai Veloster on Professor TF1 Acura NSX on Executor …

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SSR in Super GT

Since it’s a holiday weekend, how about some pictures of some Super GT Cars on SSR Wheels to lead us into Labor day?


Arriving Soon! Hyper Rev Vol. 193 Honda/Acura NSX No. 3

Arriving in less than a week is the latest Honda/Acura NSX Hyper Rev! Order yours before they’re all sold out! More-Japan.com: Hyper Rev Vol. 193 Honda/Acura NSX No. 3


NSX on Executor CV03

IN the 90s, we saw some iconic RWD cars from Japan. The Supra, 300ZX, RX-7 and the NSX. The RX-7 and the NSX have lines that are timeless and I personally could never get sick of them. Gary Shellum’s NSX is a great example of a modified NSX that is running a widebody kit, air …

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