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Nagisa Auto’s Nissan R34


If you are a big fan of the Nissan Skylines, odds are you’ve probably seen or heard of this car. It is a 750hp beast of a car that was putting down 56-second laps around Tsukuba’s TC2000 Circuit in 2008. Now while that may sound slow to some of you Gran Turismo players, keep in mind …

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Blast to the past with Signal Auto…

Tanabe Suspension Ad

be REAL…  back in 2003 does anyone know which magazine this AD was published in? feat: back in 2003, Signal Auto R34 Skyline GT-R with Tanabe, as the saying goes ” MAD K Rocks the House” Signal R34 GT-R is currently retired.  It made it presence in the USA, Japan and Asia in Circuit, Drag, …

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Nagisa Auto does it right!

Nagisa Auto is no stranger when it comes to building purpose built race cars. Check out some of these examples of their cars using Nagisa’s various braces, multi-link suspension pieces and drivetrain pieces. To see what Nagisa Auto has for your car, check out More Japan here Another nice tidbit of info is that both …

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